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Sol Esteves

Sol Esteves is doing a Phd at the University of Favaloro where she has a scholarship. Currently she is writing her phd thesis at the Laboratory of Experimental Psychology and Neuroscience at Ineco (LPEN) about cerebral and behavioral basis of interoception in clinical population and its potential therapeutic application.

She received her Psychology degree with honours (Summa Cum Laude) from Palermo University in 2013. At the beginning of that year she joined the LPEN collaborating in different projects, specifically orientated towards the study of the relationship between brain and heart. The work in which she participated investigated the integrative role of the insula in cardiac interoception in patients with anxiety, multiple sclerosis, obsessive compulsive disorder and hypertension. In these investigations, together with the electrophysiological tests (high density electroencephalography, EEG) and functional magnetic resonance (fMRI), measures of executive functions and social cognition variables were taken (tests of theory of mind, multimodal basic emotion recognition tests and empathy to pain tasks) with the goal of analyzing the relationship between them and interoception. In her job as a researcher she also collaborates in projects related to classical neuropsychology as the validation of a screening test used as a complement for the detection of dementia.

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